Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Good news.  I think I am actually starting to lose some weight despite the fact that I currently feel like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.  I am trying to stick to my beloved weight watchers diet but we all know I am a sucker for a glass of vino after a long day and hours in the car.  Lately my extended commute is due to the fact that the sun is too bright and the glare is bothering the drivers.  The glare.  REALLY?  Throw on some sunglasses and get moving people or we won’t get home in enough time to enjoy the little bit of sun that is left.  So I blame traffic for my lack of motivation to exercise at 8PM.  Back to the like I said, I think I may be getting thinner.  Maybe.  I am wearing a pair of pants today that don’t cause me constant pain while I am sitting at my desk, so that’s a good sign.  My most disgusting moment (maybe even the defining “AH-HA” moment as our girl Oprah says) when I knew I was headed to Chunky-town was when I had to regularly adjust my underwear every time I sat down so I could pull it up over my fat pouch. This little "social gut" as I used to lovingly refer to it in the past, used to be the product of happy hours, dinner dates and desserts we split for the whole table so we could satisfy our sweet tooth.  Now it is almost a mirror image of my ass but it grows out the front side of my body.  Seriously!  You know the objects that you can cut in half and each half is exactly the same as the other?  Well that is my belly and my butt.  I have a butt growing out of my abdomen.  Gross.  If I don’t start losing this weight faster, I am going to need to start make some wardrobe adjustments. 

So the theme earlier this week on Hoda and Kathie Lee’s 4th hour of the Today Show was looking “Thinner by Dinner”.  Well you got me there ladies, let’s hear it.  How can I look thinner by dinner?  I have to say it takes very little for H & KL to hook me.  The 4th hour of the Today Show is by far my favorite hour.  If I could somehow figure out how to Tivo only that hour and not torture myself AND the memory on my Tivo with the other 3 hours I would be one happy girl.  H & KL really bring joy to my life…I mean these 2 women make up reasons to drink at 10AM on a weekday!?! Stay at home Moms of the world rejoice!!!  As long as you have cable and NBC you are never drinking alone first thing in the morning!! I am extremely jealous you get to enjoy this 9-10AM joy every weekday.  So they are sipping their beverage of the day and teaching women like myself get thinner by dinner by wearing a better fitting wardrobe for our fat, I mean our figures.  I could not agree more with this theory.  Just because it comes in your size does not mean you should be wearing it.  I am a huge proponent of flattering your figure, which I try to do, I just might not be comfortable in said outfit unless I am standing for the next 8 hours since my pants are too tight to sit down in.  I have a few suit skirts that fit that category too.  And forget eating while in said tight pants.  That actually makes you just the opposite...Fatter by Dinner. One of their tips was to accent the skinnier parts of your body, like your wrists.  "Accent them with bangles" was their suggestion.  Ok, let me stop you there, I think someone had a little too much pinot grigio.  Putting bangles on your skinny wrists is not going to take the attention away from the spare tire you are hiding under your shirt.  Sum it up: wearing wrap dresses, layering and hiding your arm flab.  Check.  The only pickle that I am in is the fact that I don’t want to buy a bigger size so I am going to have to work with what I have in my closet.  A bigger size will simply give the green light to my body to keep on growing.  No thank you! 

So add it the agenda, I am going to start getting crafty with my upcoming winter wardrobe…and on my worst days, I will just drink my dinner.

Happy Winesday!

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